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Kirisun Walkie-Talkies: Replacement & Spare Battery Packs

Kirisun walkie-talkies are all supplied with high-capacity rechargeable battery packs.

These should last for 500-1000 full charge / discharge cycles, although like all batteries, as they get older and are used more, the capacity can fall.

Some walkie-talkie users require extra batteries so that they can have one battery on charge to be swapped when discharged to ensure continuous radio availability.

Or, if your Kirisun walkie-talkie batteries are not lasting as long as they once did, you could give your radios a new lease of life by getting new rechargeable battery packs for them.

There are several different batteries for different Kirisun walkies, we list the various models and prices below.

Kirisun Walkie Talkie Model Kirisun Battery Pack Model Price 

Kirisun PT2208 / PT3208 


Kirisun PT2208/PT3208 walkie-talkie

KB30A NiMh 1300mAh £22

Kirisun PT4200 / PT558 / PT5200

Kirisun PT558 / PT4200 / PT5200 radio

KB42A Li-Poly 1200mAh £26

Kirisun PT568 

Kirisun PT568 radio

KB56B Li-Poly 1500mAh £28


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