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  • We offer the full range of Kirisun professional top quality walkie-talkie radios and accessories for delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom.
  • We sell the full range of Kirisun professional two-way radio equipment at very competitive prices.
  • Our longest range outdoor walkie-talkie for hire. Robust, simple to use and powerful, these radios are the mainstay of our "hire fleet"
  • We have top-quality Kirisun UHF walkie-talkies for hire, delivered anywhere in the UK
  • If you want to hire some walkie-talkie, fill in this form to get a price quote emailed to you right now
  • Useful articles containing information about how various radios work, radio licencing issues, radio range and so on.
  • Kirisun walkie-talkie radio price lists, specifications etc to view, download and print
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  • How to contact us - office address, telephone, email and fax - and a handy map showing how to locate our office.
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