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Walkie Talkie Hire for Outdoor Event Organisers

When you stage any kind of event attended by the public, you need to be sure that you and your team of management, organisers and stewards can astay in touch around the event site.

We offer a comprehensive range of walkie-talkie radios and associated equipment suitable for all types of event, including music festivals, fairs, school events, fetes, community gatherings, marches and demonstrations, sports tournaments, etc.

Whether you need 6 radios, 60 radios or 600 radios, we can provide the communications you need to manage your event effectively.

Radio Range and area covered

For many events, all that is needed for radio communications is a set of walkie-talkie radios, together with charger units, spare batteries and earpieces, headsets and so on.

However, for larger sites where more radio coverage is needed, we can provide "base station" radios for use in your site office or control room. These have more power and therefore longr range to ensure that all walkie-talkie users receive messages from the site office.

We can also provide repeaters (devices that re-broadcast walkie-talkie radio messages using a more powerful radio to increase the total area covered).

Call us to discuss your requirements for two-way radio communications for your event.

Event Radio Licencing

Our walkie-talkies, mobile radios, base stations and repeaters use Ofcom-approved frequencies for event equipment hire companies on our licence, so that you do not need to worry about licencing issues.

However, should you require our radios to be programmed to use specific frequencies for your event, let us know and we can reprogram our walkie-talkies etc to match your site-specific channels.

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