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Using Walkie Talkie Radios When Doing the Three Peaks Challenge


The "3 Peaks Challenge" involves climbing the highest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland in a 24 hour period. These are Snowdon in Wales (1085m), Scafell Pike in England (978m) and Ben Nevis in Scotland (1344m) in a day, or at least a weekend.

We have hired out our VHF professional walkie-talkie radios to many groups attempting this challenge, usually to raise money for a charity.

We've got quality walkie-talkies, spare batteries, in-car battery chargers, even vehicle radios and antennas for your support vehicle - everything you need! 

 Map of the three peaks challenge mountains

Why Use Walkie Talkie Radios For The 3 Peaks Challenge?

It is important that the groups of climbers have a means of contacting their friends at "base camp" in case they run into any problems and need help.

You should always take mobile phones with you, but remember that the mobile phone signal in remote areas like these is not always reliable. Walkie-talkies do not depend on an outside network to work - provided you are in range of each other, one radio will "hear" the other.

Our radios are professional quality, with a full 5 watts power output, which is a lot more than the 0.5 watts you can get on the cheap little PMR446 "toy radios" that you can buy from Argos etc.

We have hired these to several groups doing the Three Peaks Challenge, and they have all said that they found the walkie-talkies helpful in terms of being able to contact their friends waiting at the bottom.

What Radio Equipment Do You Need to Hire?

 PT2208 VHF walkie-talkie  

The simplest and cheapest is to hire just two walkie-talkies - one for the climbing group and the other for your support. Add more walkies talkies for larger or multiple groups.

We also can provide: spare rechargeable battery packs, car power adapters to allow the radios to be charged off a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, and vehicle radios with mag-mount antennas for improving range of "base" to climber radio communications.

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