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Using Walkie Talkie Radios in Schools & Colleges

Walkie talkies radios can be very useful in schools, colleges and even nurseries. Staff are frequently moving around the site, and so cannot easily be reached when needed.

Walkie-talkie radios are useful for:

  • Fire alarms and drills, evacuating buildings
  • Reporting an accident & summoning first-aid staff
  • Lunch-time and playground supervisors / dinner staff
  • Sports field communications
  • Grounds and site maintenance staff communications
  • Site security / dealing with trespassers
  • Contacting support staff (ICT, computer technicians etc)
  • Organising school trips and visits

Our Kirisun walkie-talkies are professional quality radios that will stand up to daily use, not like the little "toy" radios available in shops.

Walkie-Talkies - Radio Licencing Issues

Our cheapest walkie-talkie (the Kirisun PT558) is "licence-free"  and will suffice for many smaller sites. All of the other models will require you to get some type of licence from Ofcom. This is simpler than it probably sounds - if you buy your walkie-talkies from us, we will sort out the licencing issues.

Read more on licence costs and options by clicking this link.

No Obligation - Try Before You Buy Offer

We appreciate that you don't want to purchase expensive equipment unless you are sure that it will work properly around your premises.

So, we offer to schools and colleges the chance to borrow a set of two of various models of walkie-talkie to test out around your site.

All we need is an email or fax (020 7209 2704) from you to let us know what you want to try, where it is to be sent, your contact details and we can send you a couple of radios to try for two weeks. Your only obligation is to agree to post our demonstration equipment back to us after the trial.

You can then make a properly informed decision to buy walkie-talkies safe in the knowledge that they will do the job, and that the staff who will use them have seen them and are completely happy with them. 

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