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Walkie Talkies For Film, Television & Video Production


We specialise in providing walkie-talkie radios and associated accessories for use on film, TV and video sets.

Even a small film production can benefit from using two-way radio communications.

The ability to communicate by radio with key people anywhere on your location saves massive amounts of wasted time!

 Walkie Talkies on a Film Location
Kirisun PT5200 pro walkie-talkie 

Radio Features:

  • 16 channels - allowing different groups of users a channel each if needed (cameras, cast, etc)
  • Powerful - our walkies use the maximum power available (4 watts UHF / 5 watts VHF) for handheld radios
  • Dedicated equipment hire company channels - not used by the general public, so no risk of interference from other users
  • Comparable to and compatible with Motorola GP320, GP340, GP344 etc
  • Dead simple to use - just switch on, choose your channel, and you are ready to go - no need to waste much time showing crew how the radios work
  • Compact 6-slot chargers smaller than a sheet of A4 paper for ease of charging and portability
  • Full range of useful accessories available to buy or to hire - including earpieces, headsets, speaker/mics, leather cases with neck straps, spare batteries, etc etc





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