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Walkie Talkies for Bonfire Night Events & Firework Displays 

Firework display

We have hired our professional walkie-talkies to the organisers of several public firework display and Guy Fawkes night events.

Hire Radios for Event Safety

At a firework display and Bonfire event, safety is paramount, and walkie-talkie radios enable the organisers and stewards to stay in contact to safely manage their event.

Two-way radios are useful for crowd control, car parking supervision, dealing with any emergency and general event management.

We can supply our walkie-talkies for your firework night with earpieces to ensure that important radio messages are not missed, spare battery packs to ensure that you don't run out of power at a crucial moment, and leather cases with carry straps enabling the radios to be carried more easily.

Megaphones for Hire

As well as hiring walkie-talkies and their accessories, we also have megaphones for hire. These are often required as part of a firework display's safety plan, in case there is a need to tell the onlookers to move back or clear an area.

Contact Us For A Radio Hire Quote

If you need walkie-talkies for your firework display - whether it's a small community event or a larger one, please contact us - we can help.


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