Kirisun Walkie Talkie Accessories

Our range of Kirisun walkie talkie accessoriesWe sell a full range of accessories and bits for all of the Kirisun walkie-talkies that we supply now, or that we have supplied in the past.

These include batteries, single and six-slot chargers, earpiece/microphones and headsets.

If you have any questions about accessories for your Kirisun walkie talkies, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (020 7328 9792)

or by email to


We have direct "Buy Now" links for the most popular accessories for the Kirisun radios, such as replacement rechargeable batteries, multi-chargers & single chargers and earpieces and headsets.

However, we can usually also provide many of the "small parts" that sometimes need replacing, such as control knobs, aerials, rubber push button tops and covers, belt clips and so on.

Please contact us if you need any accessories or parts for your Kirisun radios.






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