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Walkie Talkie Radio Hire Pricing Table


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Our pricing per radio hired depends on quantity hired and duration of hire period, the more you hire and the longer the period, the cheaper it costs per radio.

We offer a 25% discount to UK registered charities and for student organisation hire bookings.

 Radios hired  up to 1 week 1 - 2 weeks 2-3 weeks  1 Month +
 1-9 walkie-talkies hired        
 10-19 walkie-talkies hired        
 20-29 walkie-talkies hired        
 30+ walkie-talkies hired        
 ICOM mobile / base radios        


Walkie-talkie chargers are always included in the above hire prices - we have 6-slot chargers (as pictured) and also single chargers available.

These prices do not include VAT, which will be added at 20%.

Radio Accessories Hire Price Table 


 Item  Description  Hire Price each (exc. VAT)
Standard D-type earpiece/mic for hire                

Standard D-type earpiece/microphone with spring clip


Using an earpiece / microphone allows the user to hear radio messages in noisy areas. It also keeps radio messages received private to the radio user.

 Up to 1 week  £1.00
 1 - 2 weeks  £1.50
 2 -3 weeks  £2.00
 3 weeks - month  £2.50
 Lapel speaker/mic. for hire                

Lapel speaker / microphone with spring clip


These are useful so the user can keep the radio on their belt, and then use the speaker/mic to communicate.

Leather radio case for hire                

Leather case for walkie-talkies with neck strap


The leather case protects the radio, and the neck strap is useful for users not wearing a belt, and so unable to use the radio's belt clip to attach it elsewhere.

 Rechargeable battery pack for rental                

Extra battery pack for walkie-talkies


If your radios are to be in constant use, spare batteries can be kept on charge ready to be instantly swapped over when a battery pack runs out.

Semi-covert earpiece/microphone for hire                

Semi-covert "in-ear" earpiece/microphone


These are the earpieces with the transparent plastic tube that goes into the wearer's ear.

 Up to 1 week  £2.00
 1 - 2 weeks  £3.00
 2 -3 weeks  £4.00
 3 weeks - month  £5.00
Walkie-talkie "Madonna" headset fore hire                

Standard headset with boom microphone

Full noise-cancelling aircraft-style headset for hire                

"Aircraft style" noise-cancelling headset with boom microphone


These are particularly useful for users at live music events, or in motorsport, or other very noisy environments.

 Up to 1 week  £5.00
 1 - 2 weeks  £8.00
 2 -3 weeks  £11.00
 3 weeks - month  £14.00

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