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We currently sell two models of mobile network walkie-talkie radio. 

There is the basic Tesunho TH288 model providing network mobile unlimited range radio communication.

Then there is the Tesunho TH388 which does everything the TH288 does, plus it has a display that can receive text messages from the free PC despatcher software, and also has GPS capability so that the software user can see where "their" radios are located.

Tesunho TH288 Mobile Network Radio

The Tesunho TH288 mobile data network radio provides "walkie-talkie style" instant Push To Talk communications over an unlimited distance.

Users could be all over a big city, or even 100 miles or more apart in a different town.

Because the TH288 uses a SIM card and the mobile data networks, it will work anywhere that there is mobile network coverage.

Tesunho TH388 Mobile Network Radio With GPS

The Tesunho TH388 IP network radio uses the mobile phone data networks to communicate.

It also has a built-in display screen that displays the radio's status and allows the receipt of text messages from users of the REAL-PTT PC software application.

It allows users of this computer software, available free to TH388 customers, to track the location of the Tesunho TH388 walkie-talkies on their PC screen using GPS.

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