Discontinued Kirisun Walkie Talkies

On this page we list various discontinued Kirisun walkie-talkie models. We will also list accessories for them that we still have available.

Kirisun PT4200

Kirisun PT4200 Walkie TalkieThe PT4200 was a general purpose full-power licence-needed business radio. We sold a lot of these, and we still have over 200 in our "hire fleet".

It is physically identical to the PT558 (except for being more powerful and having programmable frequencies of course!).

So, the battery, the chargers are all absolutely identical to those on the PT558 and we have them in stock.

We can also obtain and supply most of the "small parts", such as aerials, belt clips, push button assemblies and control knobs. Just call us on 020 7328 9792 and tell us which parts you need.



Kirisun PT5200

Kirisun PT5200 Walkie-TalkieThe PT5200 was identical to the PT4200, except for some extra electronic features not used by many users, such as individual radio identification.

So, we can still supply batteries, chargers and small items such as aerials for this walkie-talkie.




Kirisun PT6700

Kirisun PT6700 Waterproof Walkie TalkieThe Kirisun PT6700 is an IP-67 rated "immersible" waterproof walkie-talkie.

We used to sell these radios, and we can still supply spare batteries, six slot chargers and other small parts for them.




Kirisun PT2208 / PT3208

Kirisun PT3208 Walkie TalkieThe Kirisun PT2208 (VHF) and PT3208 (UHF) have been discontinued for many years now.

We used to sell and hire these radios, but now we no longer have any spare parts for them.



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