Programming Kirisun Walkie-Talkies

Screen shot of Kirisun walkie talkie programming software

If you have some Kirisun walkie-talkie radios, and you need to find out what frequencies they are set to, or if you need to reprogram them so that they will work with some other radios, then we can help!

All Kirisun walkie-talkies have PC programming software, which can be used to program the frequencies that each "channel number" uses.

We have the programming software and the programming leads for all of the Kirisun walkies that we sell, and also for older models that we used to sell.

If you have Kirisun walkie-talkies that you need to re-program, you can contact us on the phone (020 7328 9792) or by email ( and arrange to send them to us, or bring them in to our ofifce.

If you bring them in, we can usually reprogram them in a pretty short time "while you wait", so that the time that your radios are out of service is minimised. 


Help With Using The Kirisun Programming Software

We can supply customers and others with the software needed to program their own Kirisun walkie-talkies.


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